July 29, 2007

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To: Salvador Minguijon

Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2007 4:49 PM

Subject: “Pay As You Drive” Information

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s advisable to begin taking a look at the true project “Pay as you drive” (TM) of Norwich Union.

It is obligatory to make two explanations:

    – The project uses such a powerfull technology because it is estimated that this technology will be the one that will end up prevailing in the market and any other technological solution would be obsolete in a very short term.

    – Nowaday, much more information of the one than it is really needed to bill the insurance of the automobile is being collected. This is because the behaviours’ and situations of risk are still being identified and verified, we are still learning. As this phase is overcame, the own insurance company will try to reduce the transmitted and processed information quantity.

Just as it was expected, the event organized by L’Argus de l’assurance the 28th of June has supposed a recovery of the activities of this project in France. The CNIL imposes some rules that practically imply the partial processing of the information in the vehicle. So with the transmitted information no one can trace neither criminal behaviors (as too much speed in France) neither social relationships, for example, the transmission of the geographical localization of the vehicle and of his speed are considered specially agresive.

Groupama, AGF, Sofca and Traqueur are companies that have made public their activities regarding to this project.

Alan Durning presents us a very interesting application of Safeco, focused on watch and improve the abilities and behaviors of young drivers. The report of the attitude in the conduction is really impressive. It doesn’t really constitute an application of the type “Pay as you drive” because it would infringe the rights of the patent of Progressive, but in this case and as the project has a clear preventive and educational vocation and on a small market segment, it would be great if both companies were able to come to an agreement so to incorporate it to the application.

After the storms in England during the last months in reference to the project “Road Charge”, it seems that the river has returned to its normal level and Manchester announces its implementation plan, which has the particularity of getting paid in function of the distance traveled in the city and not based on a fixed rate. This is the type of project that can be convergent in a half term with the project “Pay as you drive.”

Mapfre, the leader company in the automobile insurance in Spain, has announced the beginning of a series of tests with 10.000 young drivers. To understand the vision of Mapfre with regard to this project, it is recomended to consent to the presentation carried out by Luis Peña for the Galilean project, which is possibly the best presentation of the project “Pay as you drive” in Spanish. The same as in many other projects in Europe, their commercial viability is subordinated, among other things, to what happens in the next months with the property of the patent EP0700009. On the topic of the patents in the insurance sector, it is recomended to read the article “Practical Patenting in the Financial Services Industries” published in the Insurance I.P. Bulletin.

Gradually Unipol, the same as Sara, is changing its insurance companies so to equippe it to the Octotelematics devices, incorporating factors linked to the use and risk, clearly getting in conflict with the patent EP0700009. It is necessary to remember that Unipol has 170.000 policies with this device at the moment.

As always, I have upgraded my “Pay As You Drive Directory” and my News Bulletin.

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Yours sincerely.

Salvador Minguijón Pérez.
Interim Management.
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July 4, 2007

“Pay As You Drive” versus “Road Charge”

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Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 4:46 AM

Subject: Re: “Pay as you drive” Information


What we have learned in England is that the population rejects an obligatory system implanted at national level and that processes and stores information that can be used against the citizen’s interests.

This impedes the development of a centralized project of Road-Charge in a short term.

The solution that would be adopted is to implant independent systems to solve concrete problems of specially congested areas or to finance new investments in road infrastructures.

It is supposed that these problems are more and more serious and more extended and will consequently also expand the control systems.

The governments have to be sufficiently skilled so to implant technologies that can be integrated at national level later on.

The system “Pay as you drive” has to be implanted at national level and to avoid a radical social rejection, it has to be voluntary. It also has to be very careful with the information that processes because any scandal in its custody would have disastrous consequences for the project.

It seems to be that the citizens trust the custody of the information more talking about serious companies (overalls big financial entities) that in the own state.

That is to say that no matter how much technological and conceptually the projects Road Charge and Pay As You Drive are basically the same thing, the citizens will have different requirements and expectations about the same ones and its adaptation to these requirements implies, at this time and in certain countries, a significant technological difference between both projects.

Regarding the state of the projects “Pay as you drive” the only one really significant at the moment is the one of Norwich Union, the other ones are simply acquiring Know-How.

I don’t think that in Europe it will be more than 2 or 3 technological platforms that offer the application. In one of them will have a predominant role IBM, to constitute the other ones there are many companies of several sectors that are trying to structure a viable project.

I hope this information is you useful.


Salvador Minguijón Pérez.
Interim Management.
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