October 24, 2007

“Pay As You Drive” Bulletin October 2007

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From: Salvador Minguijon Perez


Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 6:20 PM

Subject: “Pay as you drive” Information

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In Spain we should underline the good welcome that the Mapfre project “Generation Y” has had, and the decision to increase the number of test units from 10.000 to 15.000. 


For those surprised by these numbers, it should be kept in mind that it is necessary to register a minimum number of incidences to have relevant statistical data, which, in this case can be 3000. Since 0,1 incidences take place per year and vehicle, this means that we will have to obtain information of the use of 30.000 vehicles during one year to obtain reliable information. That is to say that Mapfre will be able to execute its period of tests in two years instead of three.

PTV has received the prize “Big Brother Award 2007 Technik” for its solution for the project “Pay As You Drive”. In fact this project has its origin in a project developed together with IBM and the CERT to solve a serious security problem in the Arab Emirates and obviously needs to be revised so that it can be applied in Europe.

In this context, we have the French Date Protection Agency, CNIL, explaining the reasons for which it rejects the project of MAAF and approves the one presented by AXA and Orange. 


Groupama also ratifies that it will begin to carry out tests of this system. This will mean a frantic activity on the part of Traqueur and Identicar-Cobra who want to imitate in France the business pattern that Octotelematics carried out in Italy. 


In general, a great activity is detected regarding this project in all Europe, as it is said in the last report of Forrester again. 


In Switzerland much attention is given to the decision that Zurich will take soon. 

Regarding the auction of the PAYD-Patent EP0700009 I like to thank all interested parties for their valuable feedback and their registration in the auction. For those not yet listed for participation, please contact IP Auctions at for last-minute registration. As there have been some inquiries on confidentiality, it is assured again, that all interested parties will be kept strictly confidential!

If somebody wants that their address is erased of my distribution list, please return me this message with the word “DELETE.”

As always, I have upgraded my “Pay As You Drive Directory ” and my News Bulletin.


Yours sincerelly.

Salvador Minguijón Pérez.
Interim Management.
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